Black Sheriff warns Alex Jones of a second American revolution

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke in a Tuesday interview with Alex Jones of InfoWars warned that if a federal assault weapons ban were to pass, he would not enforce it and it could spark “the second coming of an American Revolution, the likes of which would make the first revolution pale by comparison.” – Clarke, who is Black, recently appeared at the annual right wing CPAC event and was featured on a panel about gun rights.

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One Reply to “Black Sheriff warns Alex Jones of a second American revolution”

  1. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference did a study of just how many dumb White Racists with their shirts off and 500 guns at the trailer park there were and found the number to be around 50,000. If they really think they can take on the U.S. Army with 50,000 people when there are 2 million current active National Guard Troops in this Country then they are about as dumb as you Militant New Black Panther Nuts who like them believe that Whites are superior. Their fake revolution wouldn’t last 2 days. What was Waco a week?


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