BTR News: Chemical Atrazine causes sexual abnormalities and homosexual behavior in humans and frogs

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March 13, 2014

Hired by company that became Syngenta to do research on herbicide/pesticide called Atrazine. Dr. Tyrone Hayes’s research showed that the chemical caused frogs to develop sexual abnormalities, breeding problems and homosexual behavior where male frogs only tried to mate with other males. Dr. Hayes said that Atrazine, which is used on up to 50% of corn crops as a pesticide, can possibly have the same effect on humans which was later confirmed in later independent studies.

The company tried to buy Dr. Hayes in order to gain control of the data and when he refused to sell out, they set about a vicious campaign to silence the doctor and discredit his work. Dr. Hayes says that company representatives threatened him and his family with violence and Hayes is married with children, was personally threatened with homosexual violence and lynching.

The company paid other scientist to dispute Dr. Hayes’s findings publicly and he alleges that people stalked him and interfered with his speaking engagements. Dr. Hayes says he is also disappointed that the University of California, Berkeley did not defend him and seemed unconcerned about his safety. All of his allegations were confirmed when a lawsuit forced internal company documents to light.

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