Two teen girls force autistic teen to have sex with animals

What do you think, should the 17 year-old be charged as an adult and how cruel does a person have to be to behave in such a uncivilized manner? Does this story remind of the character Kyle Spencer in the popular cable series American Horror Story? Kyle was brought back from the dead and exhibited autistic like behavior and was sometimes used by two teen witches as a sex toy. Not saying there is a connection, I’m just saying.

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2 Replies to “Two teen girls force autistic teen to have sex with animals”

  1. Don’t watch T.V. much, but evil is evil. Girls, women rape too. Children can be cruel … but they left off being children when they thought tormenting a helpless person was fun. Still, their minds are young maybe in the future there will be hope. Right now, I’m not feeling so pleasant towards them.

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