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This week’s topics include:

  • Why is Bill O’Reilly so  obsessed with Beyonce?
  • Republican Congressman Paul Ryan accused residents of “inner cities” of having a “real culture problem” and lack of work ethic during a recent interview. What’s your take? Inarticulate banter or was it a deliberate dog whistle message to the extreme right of the GOP?

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Ice cream, not usually associated with being a healthy weight loss treat is now being advertised as the perfect way to lose weight. A California Shop is selling ice cream that is supposed to “cleanse”as long as you eat 5 pints of a frozen non-dairy ice cream like treat and participate in yoga for 4 days straights at a cost of $240. What’s Your Take? Does it sound too good to be true? Would you try it? Do you think it is worth the cost?

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