BAF Radio: Our Public Education System Is Failing Our Children by Design

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March 29, 2014

Tonight Black Autonomy Federation Radio will be hosted by BAF LA member Sherelle Diggs. The topic of discussion will be about the failing public education system and how the Federal and State governments are buying into the Charter School system which are being funded by state and local governments. Squeezing out the schools in the poorer neighborhoods. Lots more to our discussion but the title of the show will be “Our Public Education System Is Failing Our Children by Design.” Special guest speakers will be Christopher Bonds, Raylene Capn Morgan Adams and Dr. Bryce Davis.

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Black Autonomy Federation Radio is an extension of the Memphis, Tennessee based Black Autonomy Federation. BAF Radio advocates building Black Liberation from below centered within the Black poor & unemployed and working-class. This assessment is based on the present social/political in the 21st Century.

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