Militant Minded Radio w/ Spoken Word Emcee Saymo

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April 15, 2014

A program examining Hip-Hop culture and the social ills associated with its current degenerative state of existence. Join us live every Tuesday night as a group of activists, researchers, scholars and Hip Hop artists hit the people off with hard hittin’ truths.

 Saymo describes himself as a Spoken Word Emcee; masterfully fusing both the arts of Hip-Hop and Poetry into his songs. He hails from Columbia, South Carolina, and his passion for writing has been apparent since middle school. Saymo is Driven with the purpose to connect with kindred spirits that lack a voice in today’s society, and he has travelled all across the East Coast spreading his music. Saymo is also the founder of #teamPOET, which is an acronym for Providing Opportunites to Entertain and Teach, that now has reached Kenya and South Africa! But, at his core, Saymo is simply a devotee of his art, and is currently preparing his upcoming body of work.

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