Five white males charged in attack on black male

Taj Patterson

23-year-old Taj Patterson was out walking after attending a party in Williamsburg, NY last December when he was surrounded by at least a dozen white men identified as Hasidic Jews who belong to the vigilante group Shomrim, a neighborhood patrol made up of volunteers.

Patterson was beaten, knocked to the ground and stomped, which led to a broken eye socket and contusions. The attack only stopped when witnesses, including a bus driver stopped to help Patterson. The crime was originally investigated as a hate crime as Patterson who is reportedly gay, said the men hurled homophobic slurs at him during the attack.

Only five men out of the dozen have been charged with a gang assault and each could face up to 25 years in prison.

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One Reply to “Five white males charged in attack on black male”

  1. Welcome to New York these so-called patrol groups have been doing this type of shit for years. Someone caught them “red handed” this time that’s all. These “dudes” have been known to shoot at your vechile (if you drive a real nice one) rob brothers & sisters coming out of bars & lounges…

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