WYMS Radio: Mayweather vs. Ms. Jackson : The Curious Case of Parental Rights

the revolution of the mind continues…

one of the messiest celebrity stories to break in a long time, the Mayweather fiasco has got everyone debating and choosing sides. The underlying social ill, however deals with parental rights … Which of course is right up the MadMen’s ally…

Join the debate this Tuesday as we chop it up and decide who do we put a case on? Mayweather or Ms. Jackson?

Why You Mad Son Radio Hosted by Cha-Boogie – with Co-hosts Nik Fatale, B-Easy, Craig G and Ms. 1 Hunnit. We discuss the week’s top stories in news, politics, current events and social ills from an Urban viewpoint. WYMS Radio is tapping into part of the angst of a generation and is the place for the progressive urbanite to vent. Every Tuesday at 10PM EST.

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