Miami-Dade police execute two suspects and shoot each other in the process

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Two men were executed by Miami-Dade police officer in Florida back on December 10, 2013, a story which is gaining national news attention several months later and public outrage grows. Only one of the men was a suspect in an armed robbery where a Walgreens  clerk was held at gun point and a cop shot later.

After the suspect crashed the car he was travelling in with another individual, the police surrounded the vehicle and opened fire with a volley of shots. Witnesses say the two men who would later be found to be unarmed,  survived the first volley and could be seen moving, thats when the officers let loose with a second volley effectively becoming judge, jury and executioners of the two men who were not given an opportunity to surrender. Members of the community were the execution occurred were angry at the apparent disregard for the safety of the community with so many shots fired which hit homes.

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