Cops in Hawaii might not be able to have “undercover sex” with prostitutes

hawaii prostitutionHawaii cops have enjoyed what many would consider a perk of the job. Undercover cops in Hawaii presently are allowed by law to have sex with those they are targeting in prostitution stings. Despite the pristine beaches and beautiful public spaces featured on the television series Hawaii Five-0, Hawaii has high poverty rates among those who live there. Unfortunately, some people turn to the sex trade in order to make ends meet.

Undercover cops in Hawaii are allowed to have sex with their targets before arresting them on prostitution charges. It is no different than undercover cops and snitches doing drugs while targeting people.

This may soon change despite protest from the Hawaii Police Officers Union. The Hawaiian legislature is working on a bill that would remove the exemption that allows cops to victimize their targets in the name of the law.

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