The C.O.W.S. Minister Malcolm X, Jill Abramson & “Ghetto” Coworkers

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The Context of White Supremacy will acknowledge the May 19th birthday of Minister Malcolm X. The New York Times distorted the views of Minister Malcolm and branded him a “Racist” – as did many other Whites and non-whites. We’ll make time to examine the kerfuffle regarding Jill Abramson’s termination as managing editor of The Times. She’s been replaced by a black male – Dean Baquet – and many are conflating Racism with “sexism”. We’ll also address two conundrums facing two of our listeners. One black male has a workplace dilemma. His company has hired a black female on a temporary basis. Unfortunately, she, like many of us, displays high levels of anti-blackness – frequently declaring the ineptitude of black people on the whole and in the presence of Whites. White managers are requesting input on whether she should be retained permanently. Do you encourage Whites to not employee a black person?

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