New Abolitionists Radio Weekly 5/28/2014

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Our main stories for May 28, 2014 are:

• Pardonable Offenses? Over 12,000 people — 85 percent of whom are African-Americans are still in prison behind outdated crack laws and they are celebrating the possible release of only 14.

• Speaking of 14, NYC Officers insist 14 year old Javier Payne spoke disrespectfully to them and for that he was thrown through a window, had his lung pierced and was treated like road kill as he lay bleeding to death.

• The Lawsuits are settled over the Oscar Grant murder, only a couple of years later and his killer is a free man. Now we know what it costs for modern slaver catchers to kill a young brother in cold blood on camera in a snuff film for the whole world to see.

• Jacksonville Florida plans to search 18,000 homes and throws the constitution out the window, going house-to-house looking for drugs, guns and money that they say they plan to keep.

• Also in Florida we tell you about Darren Rainey who was Cooked To Death In Scalding Shower As punishment by Dade county Prison Guards

• We lost a great humanitarian, activist, and poet today with sister Maya Angelou’s passing. As a tribute, Max will recite one of her poems during our closing statements.

• Today’s State Constitution profile is Kansas. We’re up to the “K’s” now and definite patterns are forming in regards to individual states and their constitutional allowances for modern day slavery.• Our Abolitionist in profile and honored ancestor is Caroline Still Wiley Anderson (1848-1919).

Expect all that and more tonight on New Abolitionists Radio

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New Abolitionists Radio seeks to educate the public and agitate for an end of 21st Century Slavery and Human Trafficking. It is an extension of the group Move To Abolish 21st Century Slavery

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