Palestinian Unity Government sworn in, America will not recognize

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Update: According to ReutersThe United States said on Monday it plans to work with and fund the new Palestinian unity government formed after an agreement by the Fatah and Hamas factions, and Israel immediately voiced its disappointment with the U.S. decision.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas swore in the Palestinian unity government on today which is hailed as taking a major step toward ending a crippling territorial and political split with their political rival Hamas. US Secretary of State John Kerry said before the swearing in ceremony that the United States will not immediately recognize the new government.

During a telephone call with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Kerry “expressed concern about Hamas’s role in any such government and the importance that the new government commit to the principles of nonviolence, recognition of the state of Israel and acceptance of previous agreements with it,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

The most violent nation on earth asking victims of racism, genocide and segregation to be non-violent is laughable as if the Palestinians do not have a right to self-defense and self-determination.

During the Bush administration, the United States urged the Palestinian people to practice Democracy and when Hamas won those elections, the United States immediately punished the Gaza strip which elected a majority of Hamas members. Hamas in the past has been demonized for not recognizing the state of Israel which was built on stolen land and genocide.

Hamas as part of the unity government agreements, will recognize Israel and adhere to previous international agreements but the United States continues to make excuses in their support of the apartheid state of Israel.

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