Atlanta Mayor proposes ban on wearing Jordans in public housing

Jordan Ban

The Mayor of Atlanta is urging the city council to draft an ordinance that would prohibit people from wearing Jordan brand athletic shoes in public housing.

The Mayor was quoted as saying,

“Jordans are terribly expensive and people living in public housing should not be able to afford these $200 tennis shoes. Furthermore, there are no manufacturing jobs in America related to making these shoes and people should not be buying them since they are made with the cheap labor provided in communist countries like China and Vietnam. Jordans also cause crime to spike in the community when people fight over them in the stores and people use guns to rob people of their Jordans right off their feet.”

However, one city council member says a ban on Jordans would infringe upon people’s individual freedom and the city of Atlanta should not be in the business of dictating to people what they can and cannot wear.

Council member Robert Brown said, “This is not Saudi Arabia where one group of people can dictate what clothing another group of people can or cannot wear. This city should not be a city that punishes people for choosing not to wear a burka in public or prohibit them from wearing a burka in public because some people in our society believe it looks stupid.”

Civil liberty groups are claiming that a ban on Jordans would be unconstitutional but the Mayor disagrees.

“Our city lawyers assure us that a ban would be constitutional as many municipalities have passed bans on sagging jeans and we have the public’s support.”

When business mogul and sports icon Michael Jordan was asked for comment on the proposed ban, he said, “rich white kids in gated communities across America wear Jordans and I believe everyone should have a right to buy Jordan brand shoes.”

One Atlanta resident when asked about the ban on Jordans said,

“I don’t wear Jordans and I don’t allow my children to wear Jordans and these kids need to be taught a lesson about going along with fashion trends that I don’t agree with”.

Another Atlanta resident had a differing opinion.

” I don’t care about what someone wears on their feet as long as they wear socks or put lotion on them ashy ankles.”

*This post is satire and meant to raise the issue of the unconstitutionality of governments banning the clothing style known as “sagging” so they can further target our youth. Where will it end? Today its sagging, tomorrow its Jordans.

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One Reply to “Atlanta Mayor proposes ban on wearing Jordans in public housing”

  1. If owning a franchise is your answer you are wrong, it is just more of the same shame.
    Why not invest in a business that is owned and operated by these people, creating employment for them.
    They can work there if they agree to only purchase the shoes they make.
    That would be more of a step in the right direction, not a franchise that belongs to some other people and gives them no employment, just another was to take their money out of their control.

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