Why Don Lemon and Morgan Freeman, weapons of white supremacy pose a grave threat

Lemon and Freeman

By Scotty Reid

Racist propaganda coming out of the mouths of black celebrities and public personalities like Don Lemon and Morgan Freeman may only be expressions of ignorant and harmful personal views on the system of white supremacy or it could be something more sinister. The two may be racist proxies who are part of the overall plan to prevent black solidarity and formations against racial oppression.

Not only does Freeman deny the total existence of racism but also he promotes the erasure of the black identity and promotes Americanism in its place. Freeman who is an atheist and has often said cryptic things about people practicing a religious faith, recently compared religion to racism in that just as he believes that God is a figment of people’s imagination, so is racism. Could you imagine the blow-back Freeman would receive if he came out publicly to state that discrimination against homosexuals is non-existent and a thing of their imagination? Certainly, he would shortly be making the TV talk show rounds to apologize for his ignorance like actor Jonah Hill is doing now for calling a photographer a “fag”.

While Don Lemon has never stated racism does not exist, he has stated he is tired of talking about and reporting on instances of racism. A black major network news anchor does not want the media reporting on news involving racism and white supremacy, think about that. If it is not in the news then it will not exist. When Lemon is forced to report on news related to racism, he takes the opportunity to pontificate about how black people’s behavior is the cause of racism and not the other way around. He blames victims of racism for racism instead of the people who commit acts of racism.

In the context of white supremacy, Freeman and Lemon, like all non-white people who wittingly and unwittingly uphold a system of white supremacy, are acting as racist proxies. Considering how they are often presented as intellectuals by the white dominated media, it is probably the former and not the latter.

The desired affect of the specific white supremacy propaganda the two are introducing into public conversations on racism is that it leads to a break down of serious discussions and trivializes the issue. A goal of white supremacist has always been the prevention of a black united front against global white supremacy.

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2 Replies to “Why Don Lemon and Morgan Freeman, weapons of white supremacy pose a grave threat”

  1. True, you are right. There have always been the Lemons and Freemans in this world of prideful hate to keep the people divided. Even in their willful illusions, they know they live in glass houses. So, they think by building walls of brick lies they will protect their glass homes. This is why they hate the Joshuas and the Deborahs like you. They know you and others will blow the trumpets to cause their walls and their glass houses to come tumbling down. Sadly, it’s the apathy and the fear in the people that is holding them back. The Lemons and Freemans know this–using it to their advantage. The hunger and the desire are there but the people need a vision again. A spiritual people without guidance are a lost people and too often we deny the obvious.

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