Civil Rights and Justice Department lawyer racially profiled by store

Portia RobersonPortia Roberson is an attorney and the head of Detroit’s Civil Rights and Justice Department. She fell victim to racial profiling while shopping at Talbots on Kercheval. She had this to say about the incident in a Facebook post tagged #postracial.

“I was in Grosse Pointe today at the Talbots on Kercheval. I had a somewhat large bag with me as well as my purse because I am returning two purchases that I ordered online and I needed a way to carry them in the store. I inform the sales clerk when I walk in that I have the second bag because I have two items to return, however, I want to look around first. I try on a pair of pants that I like so I come back out to see if they have another pair in a different color. I go back into the fitting room to make sure those fit also. I convince myself that I need both pairs (of course) and leave the fitting room to pay for my items and return the others. When I exit the fitting room, I’m confronted by two Grosse Pointe police officers who ask to search my bag and ask me if I have any merchandise in the bag. I tell them to go ahead and search and point out the items and the receipt. He tells me it is clear that someone made a mistake and then takes my bag to the store manager to point out that everything that I have in my possession, I have purchased. They take my name, address, and phone number so it is on “record.” I then proceed to the counter to give them back all the items that I had intended to purchase and to return everything that I had previously purchased. The manager’s explanation was that she had asked the police to do a walk around the store because it was so busy (four customers, including me)…I pointed out to her that after searching me, they left without searching anyone else. I must tell you that my hands were shaking and my voice cracked when speaking. Honestly, I am still shaken. Today, I received a very harsh reminder and I will be calling corporate headquarters in the morning.”

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9 Replies to “Civil Rights and Justice Department lawyer racially profiled by store”

  1. This should be entitled ‘ ‘Whites racist people embarrassing themselves Again ”

  2. It’s the same thing as when they profile Americans who are Italians or Irish or Polish etc but its not in the news

  3. i do not care, these uppity boule negroes think they are different/better.
    stay the fuk out of those stores and do what my mother and grandmother use to do which is make their own clothes.

    1. Why do you assume she think she is better than anyone? Do you know her personally? Do you make or purchase your own clothes? They didn’t profile her mindset, her bank account, or her attire just her color. She became a “suspected” criminal, while everyone else was given the “law-abiding” citizen status.
      This happens more than people care to admit. If they did this to her, how much more will they do it to you? She was attacked because of some vindictive jealous people used this system “to put her back in her place.” What is happening to compassion in the community?

      1. Its divide and conquer, class warfare among the oppressed. I agree, her education and employment has nothing to do with being racially profiled.

        1. Agree. I witnessed many times some people say, ‘I don’t care about such and such.’ Or even worst, ‘It’s good for them.’ Then when they are confronted with the same issues, they expect you stop your world to help fight their causes. This lady is the very person they would need to assist them. More importantly, she would empathize more with their causes after experiencing it firsthand. A little kindness goes a long way.

          Have a nice day.

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