Racist Judge not interested in justice in case involving corrupt prosecutor in New Orleans

Judge Edith Jones

A 1986 drug conviction should be overturned because two prosecution witnesses now say a prosecutor in New Orleans coerced them to lie in court, a federal appeals court panel was told Thursday.

Milton Isaac is on parole on a 1986 life sentence for possessing 21 packets of heroin with intent to distribute the drug.

His lawyers say Isaac wasn’t accused of being a drug dealer, but of planning to give the heroin to a friend. That allegation rested on testimony from Carolyn Harris and Edgar Barabino, who now say they lied under threats made by the prosecutor.

Judge Edith Jones seemed skeptical that the verdict would have changed if Harris had said Isaac wanted heroin for himself because he was in withdrawal and if Barabino had testified that Isaac had taken packets of heroin from him. Read more

Judge Edith Jones, the woman who made racist statements about non-white people being predisposed to crime is not interested in and not capable of being an instrument of justice as what matters in the case is not whether or not the testimony made any difference but that the testimony was false and made under coercion.

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