White Sacrifice: White Pastor sets self on fire protesting racism

man on fire

By Scotty Reid

Rev. Charles R. Moore set himself on fire in June to protest racism and to promote social justice and later died from his injuries. Coincidently, I  thought about setting myself on fire in front of the local prison plantation in protest of slavery, but then I came to my senses. I was motivated to this thought after discussing the passion of right wing immigration foes in blocking buses and interfering with federal immigration officers attempting to drive little Latin American children to detention facilities. Of course none of them were arrested but it got me to thinking, if only we could inspire a crowd of new abolitionists to do the same and block the path of buses taking news slaves to the prison plantation in protest of 21st century slavery and human trafficking. I have no doubt we would be arrested but its slavery dammit.

It’s a shame when a white man is ready to sacrifice his life to help end the system of racism and white supremacy when a lot of non-white people are steadily supporting the system, even working in jobs that enforce it. I know what counter-racist Neely Fuller Jr. says about “Beneficent White People” but damn, dude lit himself on fire when most non-whites are tip-toeing around white supremacy and just trying to earn a living in the system without making any real sacrifices. Racists are winning so much so that you have Black men like Morgan Freeman declaring it doesn’t exist if you don’t talk about it.

Hey, racial showcasing works both ways and I approve the Pastor’s behavior and he should be given an award to encourage other white people to end the system of white supremacy. I just can’t go that far because if a Black man did the same, well, it would just be one less soldier in the war to end racism (white supremacy).

However, if only we can convince those racists manning the border terrorizing little brown children to set themselves on fire in protest of illegal immigration, that would be great. Of course the mainstream corporate propaganda machine made sure his act got little attention. They are starting to pick up the story because of the power of social media and the alternative news. You can read the details on the Huffington Post.

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4 Replies to “White Sacrifice: White Pastor sets self on fire protesting racism”

  1. THe Endless racial nonsense allows for multiculturalism to exist in white nations in the first place.. So you are either for multiculturalism or want to migrate back to your ethnic-dominated homeland. Ethnic dominated white lands include Eurasia and North America. Asian dominated lands are in the East. Africans have ethnic lands in Africa.

    1. I am into Black Culture as defined by Black People. I also have blood ties to this land that only 2% of people in the country have. In short, I should not have to give up my culture, my beliefs, my right to self determination in order to be free from oppression. However, it is not belief in multiculturalism that is behind racial profiling, race based modern slavery under the the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution. It is manufactured social policy of white supremacy sold to poor groups to make them think they have the same benefits of the aristocracy in this country. Further, even if I did not have blood ties to this land, If I built a house, why would I abandon that house for someone to take sole possession of without compensation? Is that logical?

  2. “The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.”

    1. That sounds like something Ayn Rand would say. I would say to that is one who cares nothing for the plight of those around him is selfish and lacks empathy and more than like working on becoming a sociopath.

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