Black Talk Radio: Friday Night Vent Session

10:00PM EST

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Open lines and whatever is on your mind is what the Friday Night B*itch session is about because sometimes you just want to vent to and get things off your chest.

Open lines but want to share what I was thinking about what Dr. Kamau Kambon said about black people not being serious. I will discuss this tonight at 10 PM EST, perhaps earlier if I can, I will post when I know for sure but in the context of black people not being very serious about the state of emergency we are in as a people, Three things in particular came to my mind based on current events.

1. Most Black people are not being very serious about community self defense from killer cops.
2. Most Black people are not being very serious about rape.
3. Most Black people are not being very serious about 21st Century slavery.

Other possible topics:

Christopher Dorner Biopic by white people?
What have Arabs done for Black people?
President Obama “acting white”

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