Newark: When consciousness becomes complicit in a system of oppression

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Tonight I will be talking with Max Parthas, a member of the Black Talk Radio family who co-produces and co-hosts New Abolitionists Radio. He is a world renowned spoken word artist and he is out on the road putting in work for the people.


While visiting family and friends in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey, he experienced an encounter with Newark’s New Mayor Ras Baraka that left a bad taste in his mouth. A annual block party his brother puts on for the community, 12 years running, was shut down unexpectedly by the Newark Police department and riding with them was no other than the city’s new mayor. We will get the details on that situation and another situation with another Black man being racially profiled by NYPD.

We will also discuss an article that I came across today that says cops are out here fearing for their lives and blaming it on “anti-government” sentiments. Considering how many people they kill every year, is it wonder they may feel a little threatened? The article is a pure propaganda piece to make you feel sorry for willingly participants in the police state across the USA.

This and possibly more tonight as we broadcast from behind enemy lines.

Black Talk Radio News focuses on the global social/political news and issues of the day from a Black perspective. It is produced and hosted by Scotty Reid and airs on the Black Talk Radio Network radio station.



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