Arab militias continue their violent rampage across Libya thanks to the US and NATO

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The Obama administration and Congress worked with NATO to destroy the government of Libya citing bogus claims that the head of the Libyan government was slaughtering people in the city of Benghazi. Other bogus claims were made as well so that the European governments of the world could further exploit Africa by eliminating one of its most technologically advanced countries that was helping other African countries with infrastructure and technology. Consider the humanitarian arguments made by the UN and NATO countries to overthrow the government of Libya while they all stood by as Israel killed thousands of Palestinian citizens.

After a radical Islamist government was installed in Libya, the militias supported by the United States and other countries start mass killings of civilians loyal to the former government and engaged in ethnic cleansing that is still going on to this day without a peep from those countries responsible for the chaos in Libya. The west has engaged in acts to destabilize many parts of Africa and the so-called Middle East and the US government is currently hosting a summit of African nations where proxy African “leaders” are being offered predatory loans to develop the richest natural resource land mass on the planet. In the mean time, Arab militias in Libya continue to purge.

All Africa reports, “as violence in Libya continues to escalate, most diplomats and foreign workers have by now received assistance from their governments and employers to evacuate the country. But for the tens of thousands of undocumented migrants and asylum seekers in Libya, the only possibility for escape lies in the hands of smugglers.

Even before the recent round of clashes between rival militias, Libya’s lack of a strong central government and its porous borders and proximity to southern Italy had made it a hub for the people-smuggling trade.”


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