People in St. Louis say Kajieme Powell is a martyr and victim of police murder

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Spoken word artist and abolitionist Max Parthas says that his sources on the ground in St. Louis tell him that the young man Kajieme Powell who was murdered by St. Louis Police was not crazy or mentally disturbed but upset over the murder of Michael Brown and the mistreatment of protesters that he wanted to demonstrate by showing the world how quick cops in America are to shoot people down in the street.

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2 Replies to “People in St. Louis say Kajieme Powell is a martyr and victim of police murder”

  1. Yes, Kajieme ‘s final act was a well thought out act of deliberate protest. There has been not one single verifiable source to date, proving that KP was mentally ill. He was, however, distraught over the deaths of his mother, and Michael Brown. Kajieme was known as a highly intelligent individual who spent his time at the library studying architecture. His protest was tragic, pre planned, not even close to “erratic,” (in fact, just the opposite) and an earth shattering indictment of racist, homicidal cops running rampant throughout the US. His execution deserves at least as much attention as Michael Brown’s, if not more

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