Malcolm X discussing the Ferguson rebellion over 40 years ago

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The only thing that could be added to what Malcolm X is saying to bring it forward to the current period is that Black people voted for a Black candidate for President who was nothing but a proxy racist trojan horse because obviously nothing has changed and may have gotten even worse for the masses of Black people during his proxy presidency. Do not forget or I should say, you should know that the so-called Obama administration enacted the Federal No-Fly Zone over Ferguson prohibiting the press from giving us a bird’s eye view of what is happening on the ground and so that police helicopters can better coordinate their ground attacks on the people unencumbered.

Electoral politics at the Federal level achieves very little for the Black masses except to give us false symbols of success. Some if not most Black politicians may “represent” predominately Black communities but they are not controlled by those communities. This is true among most communities white or non-white. The people do not dictate the political platforms to the political parties, the political parties are dictating the political platforms to the people. This is ass backwards and why our salvation lies in taking control of every aspect of our communities and not in a political party.

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