High “crime” in Ferguson

8-25-2014 6-56-46 PM

A graph was recently published that shows the massive amount tickets written in various cities and towns around Ferguson, MO. The graph mentions possible “high-crime” in Ferguson but most people, particularly Fox News lemmings never see the correlation between “high-crime” and “high-poverty” which is only worsened when people living in poverty are racially profiled and the little money they do have is spent on tickets to fill the city and county coffers. Lets also recognize that “high crime” does not mean “violent crime” because the vast majority of people on prison plantations are enslaved for “non-violent” so called drug crimes.

You can try to talk the often repeated argument about about people should not sell drugs or do this or that but when you live in country that steals resources and bodies from your community and does not provide jobs or refuses to hire young Black men and women, what do you recommend they do? Get public assistance, what public assistance? Racists and their proxies are always complaining about Black people are getting “free food” or “free health care” even though white people make up the majority of the welfare rolls. Then there is that cut off period implemented by Republicans and President Clinton and didn’t the Republicans and Democrats just slash SNAP funding?

The only thing the US government is making sure there is enough of are the “illegal drugs” with bumper crops of poppies to produce heroin from Afghanistan and cocaine and cannabis from south of the border with special deals in place between the DEA and Sinaloa drug cartel. Lets not forget Ferguson Police Officer and killer cop Darren Ferguson was seen in the photo of being circulated being commended for a drug taking down a non-violent so-called drug offender.

10436174_833766523307771_31999167617094752_nIn the face of all this all people so-called intellectuals can say is it is important to get an education while most are still paying off student loans. How in the hell are poor people in resource deprived communities going to crappy schools supposed to make it to overpriced colleges to get degrees that do not guarantee a job let alone a career? For some reason, the youth in these communities have not learned how or not allowed to cheat their way as studies have shown a lot of high school seniors and college students do in more affluent communities.

All of this is purposely crafted public policy to put as many non-white people on a new slave plantation as possible where they will possibly be given a job that did not exist for them when they were not in prison and even if they are not coerced into working behind bars, their bodies are generating jobs for those immoral enough to take a prison overseer job and to generate billions in profits for the shareholders of private prison enslaver companies.

The Real PurgeIf any people have a legitimate reason it start a revolution it is the poor dispossessed masses of non-whites and whites deemed undesirable and sacrificed to make oppression appear equally distributed. If any one has a right to rebel and abolish their government is the people in Missouri like Ferguson.

But of course they’re always those who will say we can not do this or do that for whatever reason and point to the ballot box. I feel the masses of people are trapped with no way out and no one has a viable solution and just keeping spouting the standard talking points not based on the reality of the situation on the ground. What the hell good are all these PHDs when they are the ones crafting the racist public policy or making excuses for the oppressive racist system.

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