Egypt will open Rafah crossing on condition that only PA troops guard the other side

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After pressure from groups in the United States and a phone call from Iran, Egypt says it is open to opening the Rafah crossing to give relief to victims of Israel’s military assault.

Haaretz reports,

Egypt is conditioning an easing of transit restrictions at the Rafah checkpoint on the presence of a force from the Palestinian Authority’s Presidential Guard being stationed on the Gaza side of the crossing.

RT reporting,

A UN backed construction authority has said rebuilding Gaza’s battered and neglected housing stock will take at least 20 years as thousands of houses were razed or suffered damage in Israel’s Protective Edge operation.

Shelter Cluster, an international organization involved in assessing post-conflict reconstruction, which is co-chaired by the UN refugee agency and the Red Cross, says that 17,000 houses were destroyed or severely damaged during the seven week war between Israel and Hamas.

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