Sadistic Michigan prison guards torture mentally impaired female prisoners

9-8-2014 4-39-58 PM

Women with some sort of mental impairment at the only women’s prison in Michigan are reportedly being deprived food and water for days. Some of the women have been “hog tied” naked as punishment according to witnesses compiled by the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan. The women are also being placed in solitary confinement, a widely used inhumane punishment in the United States that the United Nations has deemed torture. While in solitary confinement, sick and sadistic guards are shutting off the water to the cells for days and ignoring pleas for water.

One inmate who was “crying naked on the floor and unable to move-because her feet were cuffed to her hands behind her back” was told that “her fellow prisoner would have to stay like that for two hours or more because she had not learned how to ‘behave’,” according to a letter from the ACLU of Michigan to the Department of Corrections, two University of Michigan law professors, and several other advocacy organizations. “The guard was referring to a young woman with serious mental illness who is unable to control her behavior unless her mental illness is properly treated.”

According to reports we have received from multiple individuals who have witnessed these events first-hand, mentally ill inmates at Huron Valley are being treated so inhumanely that we believe many corrections experts would characterize their experience as a form of torture,” the letter states. “Witnesses have reported seeing mentally ill prisoners denied water and food, ‘hog tied’ naked for many hours, left to stand, sit, or lie naked in their own feces and urine, denied showers for days, and tasered.” Read more…

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