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This week’s topics include:

  • How concerned are you about the threat of an ISIS attack here on American soil in 2014?
  • Do you know of a situation where a “black sounding name” or perceived stereotype has been a hindrance in the workplace?
  • The NFL,Ray Rice and Domestic Abuse How did the NFL get this so wrong?
  • The NBA, Atlanta Hawks and Bruce Levinson. Is anyone surprised?

Mike Berger, media coordinator for 911truth.org, joins the conversation this week to share his research into what we know and what we still don’t know about the 9/11 attacks.We last talked to Mike back in 2011 and want to catch up as we approach the 13th anniversary this week.

Got a question or comment for Mike? Give us a call during the show or post your comment or question here. We will get to as many as we can.

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