The face of Domestic Violence in America is not the NFL

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It appears the national media is attempting to make NFL players the poster children of Domestic Violence in America based on just three cases. Those three cases are represented by Ray Rice who admitted his guilt and whose case has been adjudicated by the courts and the cases of Ray McDonald and Gregg Hardy where both cases are making their way through the courts. Most of the conversation has been framed to make the majority of the hundreds of NFL players are engaged in acts of Domestic violence or other criminals acts which is just not the case.

With Domestic Violence being a very serious issue that affects far too many people both male and female, teens and adults, the media is being irresponsible in making the storyline about just the NFL and if anyone should be the poster children for Domestic violence it should be cops whereas 4 out of 10 people involved with cops in relationships are reported victims of domestic violence and that figure is thought to be much higher than 40% because many victims are afraid to come forward and report cops to other cops considering the Blue gang line that exists within most departments.

It is hypocritical for people to hold athletes to higher standard based on some sort of perceived privilege but in fact, it is cops who should be held to the highest of all standards but some how they are able to escape public and media scrutiny because that would betray the good guy hero image cops have cultivated for decades. Out of curiousity I decided to do a google search of the phrase “police officer charged with domestic violence” and unfortunately I was not surprised by the results because I have never bought in to the hero propaganda associated with cops. Here are just a few of the headlines.

Now it makes you wonder if the New York City Teachers who wore tee-shirts to show their support for people like the Ferguson killer cop Darren Wilson who gun downed an unarmed Michael Brown, are aware that they were also supporting the poster children of Domestic Violence in America. Cops are not the heroes the media and society tries to make them out to be but dangerous killers and Domestic Violence Abusers.

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