Pictures of the injuries suffered by Adrian Peterson’s child scream child abuse

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NFL running back Adrian Peterson did not just discipline his child, judging from the pictures of the child’s injuries, he beat his child in a most vicious manner. There is no room for debating the merits of corporal punishment or parental rights when it comes to raising children in this specific case. It is evident that Peterson went too far and lost control of himself for whatever reason and inflicted serious injury to a four year old child. When you consider that Peterson lost a son last year who was beaten to death by the boyfriend of that child’s mother, it makes Peterson’s case all the more puzzling.

2-year-old Tyrese Doohen was allegedly beaten to death last year by Joseph Robert Patterson who had been free on bail pending a trial but was recently arrested again for the kidnapping and assault charges for reportedly attacking the mother of 2-year-old Tyrese Doohen.

Of course Adrian Peterson is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt but unless he is claiming someone else beat his child, as is the case in the death of his other son, it is hard to fathom any kind of legitimate defense on his part. Pictures are worth a thousands words and the pictures of the injuries suffered by Adrian Peterson child scream child abuse.

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2 Replies to “Pictures of the injuries suffered by Adrian Peterson’s child scream child abuse”

  1. The Child abuse system is designed to destroy Black Afrikan families and have Black Afrikan children grow up without discipline until disciplined by the police or the prison. It also can cause a reduction in Black Afrikan population as Black Afrikans are adopted by Same Sex couples and the Black Afrikan adoptees accept Same sex parenting as legitimate.

    1. I do not consider beating a child like an enslaved African on the whipping post necessary to discipline that child. This 4 yr old had whip marks on his back, genitals as well as the tender meat of his thighs. Somethings are just plain wrong and we do to ourselves and can blame no one else for what we do to our children under our care and control.

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