Juries can not be trusted to deliver justice impartially when it comes to killer cops

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Legal analyst Faith Jenkins appeared on Politics Nation with Al Sharpton Wednesday night and tried to explain why the grand jury in Beavercreek, Ohio might have failed to indict the killer cop who shot and killed John Crawford III in a Wal-Mart shopping aisle.  A grand jury failed to indict the killer cop for the unjustified homicide even though video showed Crawford standing in an aisle with a pellet gun pointed at the floor while talking on a cell phone when shot on sight by Beavercreek Police Officer Sean Williams responding to a false report by 911 caller Ronald Ritchie. Jenkins who has appeared on various corporate news networks echoed the sentiments typically expressed by legal analysts with statements about how officers have a dangerous job and required to make split second decision.

Of course, this idea that cops have such a dangerous job is pure propaganda and not based on any facts, as law enforcement does not make the top ten lists of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Coming in at number ten on the list of the most dangerous jobs is construction laborers who have higher rates of fatalities on the job than police officers based on US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which track the number of deaths by profession. People who work in sales positions have a more dangerous job than cops, yet the idea that cops have a dangerous job writing traffic tickets and arresting people for non-violent drug crimes, what they spend the most time doing, is constantly drilled into the minds of the American public by the police, corporate media and other bootlicking sycophants.

bc_crawThe killer cop Officer Sean Williams certainly made a split second decision to gun down John Crawford III. Witnesses say that when Crawford was told to drop the weapon, he said, “its not real” and Officer Sean Williams who has killed before, shot him. With the recent and highly publicized open carry demonstrations across the nation including Ohio, that featured many, many white men and women carrying weapons into places of business, one has to figure race into the equation as a Black man in an open carry state with a pellet gun observed by white cops doing nothing but talking on a cell phone was quickly shot and killed.

Despite the fact that Ronald Ritchie made a false report to the 911 dispatcher, no one seems to be asking the question on whether or not the police department attempted to call Wal-mart to verify if anyone was menacing shoppers with a firearm. As is usually the case, the police department was quick to clear its killer cops and advance false reports to the media that Crawford made threatening moves toward the officers when they were in possession of the video that showed nothing of the sort. Considering all this, the Beavercreek police department investigators that cleared killer cop Sean Williams filing a report lying about what was observed on the video makes them guilty in a conspiracy to cover the crime up, as is usually what happens in these cases. At no point did Crawford point the weapon or even attempt to raise it in the officer’s direction.

What we do not know at this time is if the admitted liar Ronald Ritchie that set everything in motion with his false report to police, admitted his lies to the grand jury since grand jury testimony is secret and the public has no way of knowing what was said under oath. We also do not know what the officers said under oath to the grand jury but of course, they more than likely lied to the grand jury as well to justify the killing of John Crawford III. The grand jury watched the same video as the rest of the public is seeing now which leaves no doubt that Crawford did nothing to warrant being killed. All of this leads to questions about the secretive nature of grand jury proceedings and the inability of the juries to be impartial when it comes to cops killing people without hesitation, especially in cases where the killer is white and the victim is non-white.

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As far as Ronald Ritchie’s role in this deadly affair, who is also white, has yet to be charged with a crime for either making a false report to the 911 dispatcher and/or lying to a grand jury even though he has admitted to lying about John Crawford’s actions leading up to the moment he was killed by cops who failed to do their due diligence in investigating the report before barging down the aisle to gun down John Crawford III.

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