BAF Radio – “Power To The People”: It’s About The People, Not The Leaders

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We are going to discuss “Power To The People: It’s About Movements of the People, Not Leaders or Vanguards.” The Black movement has been mystified and decimated over the issue of charismatic leadership and vanguard parties, rather than grassroots movements. We will talk about what a movement is, the role of leadership, and power to the people. We will also talk about mistakes of the past and present, and the real necessity of building a new grassroots movement in this period.

Black Autonomy Federation Radio is an extension of the Memphis, Tennessee based Black Autonomy Federation. BAF Radio advocates building Black Liberation from below centered within the Black poor & unemployed and working-class. This assessment is based on the present social/political in the 21st Century.

Contact Black Autonomy Federation: P.O. Box 16382, Memphis, TN 38186-0382 or - Free myspace Profile Counter

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