Early morning drive-by shooting targeted St. Louis cop

St. Louis police shutdown westbound I-70 near Hanley Rd. early Sunday morning after an attempt was made to kill an off-duty police officer. The officer described as a 48 year-old male suffered a minor injury to his arm from broken glass after three suspects pulled up beside him and fired on his personal vehicle he was driving on the interstate. The incident occurred just after midnight Sunday morning.

The officer was not in uniform, his whereabouts leading up to the shooting has not been made public, and the investigation is ongoing. A St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson did not mention a possible motive of the alleged assailants but did say the officer was transported to a local hospital for treatment for cuts on his arm from broken glass.

Tensions in St. Louis County have been high after Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson executed unarmed teen Michael Brown whose body was left in the middle of street for up to four hours and then picked up and thrown into a Black SUV, which residents have said was an odd way to transport a body. Ferguson, St. Louis County, and neighboring police departments then inflamed tensions once again as they sought to suppress ensuing protests though intimidation and terrorism.

The Justice Department recently ordered police to stop wearing bracelets that expressed support for Darren Wilson, which is against uniform policies and added to the tension. The police were also ordered to stop removing there nametags as they interacted with protesters which is against the law.

Protest have continued as Darren Wilson has yet to be charged with a crime despite statements given by several witnesses that Michael Brown was not a threat to Wilson and had his hands in the air when shot down in the street. The witnesses include to white males who were in the area working as construction contractors.

The attempt to kill the unidentified St. Louis cop comes on the heels of a Ferguson cop who alleges he was shot in the arm while giving chase to a person seen behind a local community center who fled upon the stepping out of his vehicle. The Ferguson police department claims that the officer was fired upon first before firing at the unknown person observed behind the community center. That person is still evading capture as a massive manhunt is under way.

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