Baltimore mayor and police commissioner forced to confront racism and thuggery within the police department

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Police brutality is rampant in Baltimore, in 2012 over 20 unarmed people were shot by police. This is in a city with a black mayor and city council members, a black police commissioner but the major problem is that police departments are gangs, terrorist organizations that have for hundreds of years practiced racist violence against mostly non-white people. It looks like the Baltimore mayor and police commissioner have been forced to deal with the racism, proxy racism and thuggery within the Baltimore police department.

The Baltimore Sun reports,

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts today asked the federal government to open a civil rights investigation into the Baltimore Police Department. The request comes five days after The Baltimore Sun published results of a six-month investigation showing that city residents have suffered battered faces and broken bones during arrests. The city has paid $5.7 million in court judgments and settlements in such cases since 2011, and nearly all of the people who received the largest payouts were cleared of criminal charges, the investigation found.

People should read the history of how the first police forces in America evolved from poor whites hired by rich white plantation owners to patrol roads and communities to make sure enslaved Africans did not stray from the plantation. Black people seen on the road were stopped and frisked and made to show papers that they had permission to be out on the road traveling to conduct business of behalf of their enslaver. Free Blacks were often the targets of these paddy rollers also known as “slave patrollers”.

Today, a police chief can say one thing to the public involving a case of misconduct by a police officer and the police union or Fraternal Order of Police president will say something contradictory through the press. The police union president is a the equivalent of a gangland boss or a spokesperson of a terrorist organization.

When a Baltimore police detective reported two officers for beating a handcuffed man, the Baltimore police gang members harassed him and left a dead rat on the windshield of his car. When a video was released last month of a officer beating a man at a bus stop, the Baltimore FOP representative told the public they did not really see what they saw on video and that video sometimes does not tell the whole story.

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