Black Talk Radio: Police brutality, how do you hold killers and thugs accountable?

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 We will be joined by two Baltimore activists, Ameejill Whitlock and “Talk About It Radio! radio host Christopher Ervin. We want their thoughts on what is going on in their city with the Mayor and Police Commissioner being forced to ask for a civil rights investigation into the Baltimore Police gang.

John Crawford

There is breaking news in the last 24 hours that an Ohio based student activist group is occupying the Beavercreek police department and they have a list of demands. A special prosecutor failed in his duty to obtain a grand jury indictment against Beavercreek Killer cop Sean Williams for stalking and murdering John Crawford III.

Special prosecutor Mark Piepmeier gave the grand jury questionable instructions on what evidence to consider and played more defense attorney than a prosecutor seeking an indictment. Special prosecutor Mark Piepmeier also told the public that Ronald Ritchie, who is 24 and white, was being a “good citizen” when he lied to 911 dispatchers about Crawford’s movements and actions in the Beavercreek Wal-Mart the day he was hunted and shot down by Officer Sean Williams.

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