Free Lorenzo, PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane, enough is enough!

Lorenzo Johnson

Press release 10.16.2014

Rally for Lorenzo’s Freedom!
Friday, November 14, 1 pm
Office of the Attorney General
Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, PA

Enough is Enough! It’s way past time for the PA Attorney General’s office to reverse Lorenzo Johnson’s conviction, dismiss the case and free him from prison. It’s eighteen (18) years since he was prosecuted by the PA Attorney General’s office on false evidence. He is innocent of the December 15, 1995 murder of Tarajay Williams, in Harrisburg, PA.

Since August 2013 (fifteen months ago!), three separate court filings of new evidence of Johnson’s innocence and prosecutorial and police misconduct were filed in the PA Court of Common Pleas. This includes: (1) police reports that the main witness, Carla Brown, was considered a suspect, (2) report of identifiable fingerprints on the alleged weapon, (3) that the lead detective had a close personal relationship with the “motive witness” and “protected her” when she was arrested for thefts and drug usage, and (4) statements of 15 witnesses to the fact that Johnson was in New York City at the time of the murder or not at the scene of the murder.

Now, there is a new revelation connected to the false conviction of Lorenzo Johnson and his co-defendant with the October 2, 2014 resignation of E. Christopher Abruzzo, PA Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), for receiving and forwarding pornographic and racist emails with other state officials. Christopher Abruzzo was the trial prosecutor against Johnson, a deputy attorney general in 1996, as he began his professional connection to the current PA Governor Tom Corbett. During the next 15 years, Abruzzo was a Chief Deputy Attorney General in the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, and supervised the Drug Strike Force Section. Before being appointed by Corbett as Secretary of the DEP, Abruzzo served as a Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Corbett. (Read and hear Lorenzo Johnson’s commentary, “Who is Christopher Abruzzo?”)

Since last December, Attorney General Kathleen Kane promised to investigate Lorenzo Johnson’s conviction in the interest of justice. But Lorenzo Johnson is still waiting! This rally will be the third rally in a year to demand Lorenzo Johnson’s freedom, as part of the struggle for freedom for all the innocent and falsely convicted.

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