Racist monster Michael Dunn sentenced to life without parole

Michael Dunn, a racist white child murderer was sentenced to life plus 105 years in a Florida courtroom today which means he will have no possibility of parole for gunning down unarmed teenager Jordan Davis. Dunn had previously been convicted of three attempted murder charges related to the friends of Jordan Davis who were in the same vehicle with him when the angry Michael Dunn fired at them before driving off.

The sentencing judge said the case was an example of a society that has lost its way, lost its moral compass on what is right and wrong on many different levels. There was a brief disturbance in the courtroom when an elderly white man in a suit and tie with papers in his hands stood up and asked the sentencing judge if he could approach and make a “oral motion”. As the unidentified man was forcibly removed from the courtroom, he shouted “you’re’ breaking the law right now”.

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