Does Liberia have Ebola finally under control?

10-21-2014 3-59-06 PM
Reports are coming out of Liberia which suggest that the West African nation finally has a handle on the Ebola pandemic that has hit the country. There are fewer than 400 cases of patients being treated for disease and three-hundred medical units remain empty.

Mr. James Dorbor Jallah, Deputy Incident Manager for support services at the Incident Management System says that frequent hand washing and avoiding the bodies of those who have died from Ebola or currently infected, has helped to reduce the infection rate throughout Liberia.

Mr. James Dorbor Jallah also stated that the coming dry season in Liberia, the intense heat and sunlight will help to eradicate the virus which has been described by the US CDC as being very fragile and easily destroyed by heat and direct sunlight.

However, the World Health Organization has stated that there could be at least 10,000 Ebola infections per week in Liberia.

Since there are “sparks” of cases now and then, according to Mr. Jallah, “Liberia is still in the woods, meaning the country is not yet out of danger. He said what they are seeing in the country does not support the WHO’s prediction of 10,000 cases per week.

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