“Fight the Power” actress and boyfriend charged with lewd conduct

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by Scotty Reid – The actress who along with her celebrity chef boyfriend that cried racism over being questioned about public sex in a car on a public street have been charged by the Los Angeles Police Department with lewd conduct. Brian Lucas, a white reality tv chef and his actress girlfriend Daniele Watts who is black, concocted a false charge of racial profiling against the officers who responded to calls from office workers about the pair having sex in full view of the public. Lucas and Watts instead of moving on after denying the charges and being allowed to go about their business, took to social media and the television talk show circuit with claims that the two were racially profiled because they are an interracial couple and so people believe she was a prostitute.

What the pair did not know is that the two officers who responded to the call about possible street prostitution were recording the interaction. Lucas, the white male could be heard throwing his actress girlfriend under the bus and Watts could be heard threatening to sick her publicist on the officers and conducting herself in a belligerent manner.

In the backdrop of all this is growing national at law enforcement officers because of rampant police brutality and killings of unarmed civilians, especially in the black community. This backdrop makes Watts and Lucas’s use of the race card very careless and reeks of two minor celebrities on a publicity hunt. Watts took to Facebook to proclaim her bonafides in the struggle for “equality” and how she was going to fight the power so to speak. The next thing Watts and Lucas will be fighting is their criminal court case for lewd conduct in a Los Angeles court room.

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If the two are done with their charade they should be expected to plead their cases out for a fine and/or community service. It is hard to proclaim ones innocence when millions on social media have viewed the photos of the pair engaging in sex that have been posted online by TMZ.

It is what it is…tragic

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