13 yr-old forced to stab mom’s boyfriend in domestic violence incident

Domestic Violence
13-year-olds are not supposed to be the guardians of their mothers but that was exactly what one 13 yr-old was forced to do when he stabbed his mother’s boyfriend in the back. According to a report out of Phoenix where 13 yr-old Darvon stabbed his mother’s boyfriend with a kitchen knife after he began violently beating her.

The man, identified as Keith Childress, exploded in anger and began beating the boy’s mother before turning his rage towards that boy and his 15-year-old sister. That’s when the young man named Darvon grabbed a kitchen knife and fought back. His mother told FOX 10 she had no doubt she would be dead or in a coma if it weren’t for her brave son jumping into action and doing what he had to do to protect his mother — by stabbing her boyfriend to stop him from a violent attack. The 8th grade student was getting ready for school around 7 a.m. when Childress, who was visiting from out of town, began hitting and kicking her. Read more…

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