Political Prisoner Radio – Angola 3 and former panther Albert Woodfox’s torture case before the LA appeals court

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Robert King joins Political Prisoner Radio to discuss the continued torture of political prisoner Albert Woodfox, the last member of the group known as the Angola 3 to remain behind bars despite overturned convictions. Albert Woodfox sued to stop the the degrading treatment of prisoners in the past and won and now he finds himself being victimized by prison officials in Louisiana. An panel of judges is currently hearing his case to stop illegal body cavity searches that have previously been ruled unconstitutional.

The NYC Anarchist Black Cross has issued its November 2014 Illustrated Guide to Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War being held and many tortured by the United States’s federal government and state prison officials. In addition to providing adults with a resource guide to locating current US political prisoners but can be used as a educational lesson for teenagers to help them learn about the history they will not learn in public school.

Political Prisoner Radio is a program that seeks to educate the public on the individual cases of political prisoners and prisoners of war being held by the United States government, many for decades under torturous conditions. It features former political prisoners, advocates, family members and organizations work to free these individuals. The program often discusses the historical political repression and social conditions that existed and still exist within the United States of America.

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