Cosby victim filed police complaint in 2000 but prosecutors declined to prosecute

11-24-2014 11-17-52 PM reported that they have discovered one of the few alledged victims of Bill Cosby to file a police report but a New York District Attorney declined to pursue justice for her.

Read The Police Report Here

Lachele Covington was 20 years old when she had a small role on The Cosby Show and the alleged sexual assault occurred when Cosby invited her to dinner in his Manhattan townhouse on January 28, 2000.

Cosby told her that the dinner would be business-related but that turned out to be a lie.

Covington’s father Joe Covington said Cosby “tried to seduce her in an intellectual manner and professional manner with his charm,” her dad, Joe Covington, alleged at the time. And according to high-level police insiders who spoke out at the time, he then tried to put her hands down his pants and exposed himself.

Covington filed a police report four days later alleging that she had been “subject to sexual contact.”

Even though the report did not name Cosby, Radar learned that his name was only omitted to protect his celebrity status.

In a statement to Det. Jose McCallion of the Manhattan Special Victims Bureau, police insiders previously claimed she said she “had been invited by Cosby to his home for dinner. The victim said that after dinner Bill Cosby came over to her, and started touching her. He fondled her breasts. She was shocked and didn’t know what to do. Then he tries to put his hands down her pants.”

As many, many people question the legitimacy of the numerous women coming forth with stories about being drugged and raped by Cosby and some of those people point to some ridiculous conspiracy to deprive his Black audience of upper-middle-class Black characters like Dr. Cliff Huxtable and socially conservative storylines which was the norm on The Cosby Show that dominated the 80s. Cosby’s sycophants are basically calling all these women liars.

Covington’s father says his daughter is no liar.

“I’ll bet Bill Cosby could not stand in front of my daughter and say to her face she’s a liar, my daughter does not lie. You can take what she says to the bank.”

Covington’s grandfather, Charles Keniebrew said, “Bill Cosby scared her half to death!”

Police investigators referred the complaint to prosecutors but they declined to prosecute and sought to protect Cosby by redacting his name in the complaint.

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