John Crawford ‘s girlfriend Tasha Thomas was terrorized by police thug Rodney Curd

Footage has emerged of police in Ohio terrorizing the girlfriend of John Crawford III who was mercilessly gunned down in a Walmart aisle after a false report was made by Ronald Ritchie that Crawford was threatening people in a Walmart store with a gun. Ritchie has never been charged and was called a good citizen by the special prosecutor who played defense attorney for the killer cop in grand jury proceedings.

Thomas, who is not told until the end of the interview that her loved one has died, is clearly distressed by the line of questioning from Detective Rodney Curd, who repeatedly calls her a liar about where Crawford got the gun. This Detective knew or should have known that the so-called gun was a bb gun sold in the Walmart where Crawford was murdered and that it is not illegal to own a gun or carry it openly in Ohio.

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