Will the New Federal Racial Profiling Guidelines have Any Impact?

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In an interview with Sharmini Peries, Naomi Murakawa, the author of The First Civil Right, How Liberals Built Prison America, examines if the new guidelines will get at the problem in local police departments.

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One Reply to “Will the New Federal Racial Profiling Guidelines have Any Impact?”

  1. the way i think we as Afrakans should veiw this is with the understanding, that there is four stages in the context of what is incorrectly called Racism but what is correctly called White-Supremacy! they are 1. establishment, 2.maintenance 3. expansion 4. Re-finement! Re-finement is the last and final stage ,yet it is the most vicious of all stages. this is where we see the implementation of these new rules. unless there is a fundamental change in the system we should all be concerned. we should oppose all band aid approaches as well as those that are totally backward. at this stage Reparations should be in the national conversation! nothing less!

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