WYMS Radio – Going To The Greek : The Curious Case of Black Greeks Against Black Issues

Time: 10PM EDT
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the revolution of the mind continues…. Once touted as an organization for the advancement of Black people – the Black Greeks have all but disappeared from the forefront of civil rights efforts. In recent weeks, some have even gone as far as to tell their members not to wear their letters when they march against police brutality to save Black lives and Black men. They do not want their organization connected to the fight for Black lives. So of course you know this MadMan has to drag them across the coals. Wtf is a Black Greek anyway??? An oxy-moron that represents the worst kind of brainwashing … But I digress. I could be wrong. Let’s debate it. I would love to be proved wrong on this one. If you are a Greek and want in on our panel, inbox us at tellus@whyyoumadson.com and we will get you a spot.

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One Reply to “WYMS Radio – Going To The Greek : The Curious Case of Black Greeks Against Black Issues”

  1. Hotep! this remind me of my days on the grounds of fisk university! (78-82) then the brewing question of the day was afrakan identity and the freedom of our bros. and sisters in so.afraka! these greek organizations, was so removed from these critical issues! their idea of college life was frat party and more frat parties. We first challenged them with the research of dr. john henrik clarke, dr. ben-jochannon and Kwame Ture to change their greek names! Then we challenged them to at least do the good will that frats was doing when they came into existence! for instance, under the leadership of the great dr. W.E.B.dubois! They were far removed from it then, as well as, today! In those days we started what was called greekdom/ black consciousness forums these were designed to have these frats examine more closely their identity with European concepts! in other words, what we are willing to do for ourselves this very moment in this nation depends very much on what we know about ourselves collectively! and bro. it is not with us calling ourselves greeks in no shape form or fashion! One Aim! One God! and One Destiny! One Luv from The House of Sankofaa!

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