St Louis prosecutor admits to presenting false testimony to grand jury

12-19-2014 9-02-25 PM

St. Louis Bob McCulloch isn’t very smart or is very arrogant as he admits to allowing sworn testimony to presented to the grand jury he knew to be false. McCulloch was speaking on The McGraw Show which is a St Louis radio program on KTRS hosted by McGraw Milhaven and Kelly Jackson when the information slipped.

According to Missouri Rules of Professional Conduct, RULE 4-3.3, “A lawyer shall not knowingly offer evidence that the lawyer knows to be false.”

The law also says that a lawyer “may refuse to offer evidence, other than the testimony of a defendant in a criminal matter, that the lawyer reasonably believes is false.”

“A lawyer should not present testimony that he believes to be false,” Steven Lubet, a law professor at Northwestern University, told BuzzFeed News.

McCullouch and Darren Wilson supporters can try to spin why he committed an unethical act to keep Wilson from facing a jury in a real trial, but the evidence suggest that McCullouch be charged criminally.

A petition has been launched to remove or force McCullouch to resign by members of

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One Reply to “St Louis prosecutor admits to presenting false testimony to grand jury”

  1. Hello All,
    I just wanted to post this to those mothers/families that may have been falsely accused, hoping to exposes an even bigger problem at hand. That is to say, our children in foster care!
    First let me say, I am an educated woman. Studied chemical engineering, I have traveled the world. I don’t drink, smoke or take any drugs. I’m financially independent, have chosen to home school my son, eat right etc. I consider to be a very loving, conscientious, enlightened and involved parent.
    Quite recently I became involved in a situation which exposed the injustices of the NYC Child Protective Services and Family Court Legal system. The story begins with…
    An extremely intelligent male child had been arrested and falsely charged with 7 counts of assault with a deadly firearm. The child had been interrogated without his parents or attorney being present. Furthermore, the child had no idea he was being set up to be incarcerated as he had no prior experience with the law or penal system.
    This child had been taken to be arraigned and spent 2 days at central bookings to be processed.
    When the parents arrived they were shocked to find that the (Assistant District Attorney’s (ADA)’s deposition) did not reflect any of the police reports. In fact the ADA had totally recreated the facts in his deposition.
    Since this child was 16 years old, albeit a juvenile/minor,he would be charged as an adult. As a result of his arrest Administration Child Services (aka ACS) would get involved.
    In the course of time, ACS would maliciously fabricate another story to remand this child into the foster care system where his civil and constitutional rights would be violated.
    He would be vaccinated without the authorization or legal consent of his parents. Even though he was totally up to date in his vaccinations. He would be coerced and threatened with incarceration if he didn’t corroborate with ACS’s lies and agenda against his parents. ACS would also attempt to forced the child to do things against his will. ACS would attempt to brainwash the child into believing that it was “his parents” wish that he remain in foster care. The child would also be told that if he did return to his parents home he would be arrested!
    This child was very quickly remanded into foster care without his parents knowledge. The parents believed their son to be staying at his grandmothers and had no idea that he had been remanded into foster care.
    By the time the parents were notified, the child had already spent 3/4 weeks in non-kinship foster care.
    In an effort to justify their actions ACS would then attempt to “back peddle” and file a fraudulent case against the parents in Family Court. The child would eventually run away and flee the country in order to remain safe and outside the jurisdiction of the courts.
    In an effort find the child, ACS and Family Court would attempt to force the parents into disclosing where the child was by violating their constitutional and civil rights as well; even though they had nothing to do with his escape.
    Their passports would be confiscated, their electronic media, telephone, emails, internet etc.monitored, they’d be illegally arrested and incarcerated. They would be unable to make a living. Essentially they were being targeted. Life would never be the same for them again.
    As the parents began to educate themselves they started learning about all of the corruption, atrocities and abuses currently happening in Child Welfare Systems across the country. They also would understand how states are allowing their agencies to rule by feelings and not law – removing children from their families under false pretenses. They would also experience first hand how the US is becoming a nation without law that makes decisions based on subjectivity and objectivity. They would experience first hand how state and government agencies are being allowed to bastardize and emasculate the Constitution and the familial rights of its citizens to be governed by the rule of men rather then the rule of law!
    I thought it would be nice to post this blog in an attempt to exposes the corruption in Child Welfare System /Child Protective Services or shed some light to those mothers who have been falsely accused of child abuse/neglect; and have had their children taken from them and placed in the foster care system; or expose how children in foster care, as young as two years old, are being given multiple psychotropic drugs at one time; and/or how children are being abused by the very system that claims it is trying protect them.
    This should be a subject that everyone is talking about because it is the future of our country, and unless reform is done, we are done as a country!
    Just to finish the story of the child… I thought you’d like to know that it’s our son that I’ve been writing about! I am glad to say that he is alive and well out of harms reach! Thank God!
    What ever you decide, decide to do something or help someone. Perhaps start a class A against ACS. I for one would be game.

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