Black Talk Radio Live Drive @ 5 – Baltimore activists Tawanda Jones and Ameejill Whitlock

Today we will be joined by Baltimore, Maryland activist Tawanda Jones and Ameejill Whitlock. Twanda Jones has been seeking justice for the killing of her brother Tyrone West in 2013 and has become a well-known police brutality activist in the Baltimore area. Jones was victimized recently when a Baltimore Fox affiliate intentionally edited video of her leading a chant calling for killer cops to be put in cell blocks. Fox 45 producers cut the video to make it appear like they were chanting “kill a cop”. Ameejill Whitlock is a veteran activist and organizer and the co-host and co-producer of Political Prisoner Radio which broadcasts on Sunday nights on the Black Talk Radio Network.

Later in the broadcast, we will be joined by slavery abolitionist Yohanan Eliya who is a co-host and co-producer of New Abolitionists Radio which airs on the Black Talk Radio Network on Wednesday nights. Yohana authored a post discussing how the US economy is based on war and slavery and millions of people depend on war and slavery for a job hence why we have the current fight on our hands that we do.

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