A silver lining to the recent killing of the two NYPD cops?

12-30-2014 3-37-36 PM
Renegade NYPD officers participate in demonstration of mass insubordination towards Mayor De Blasio called for by police unions.

According to the New York Post, there is a silver lining to the recent killing of two NYPD cops. While we should never celebrate the killing of anyone, including those that present themselves as our enemies, as the dominant America population seems to take pleasure in, we should celebrate the fact that the NYPD has stopped arresting a lot of people on non-violent drug crime laws passed specifically to target the Black community and racially enforced.

According to the NY Post, a racist rag owned by Rupert Murdoch, “Drug arrests by cops assigned to the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau — which are part of the overall number — dropped by 84 percent, from 382 to 63.”…”Overall arrests down 66 percent for the week starting Dec. 22 compared with the same period in 2013, stats show.”

Now of course these cops are not ignoring violent crimes or property crimes but it just goes to show that the overwhelming majority of NYPD arrests are not for violent crimes but for victimless so-called crimes. As I have pointed out and others have pointed out consistently, cops are not in our community to protect and serve the non-white and poor communities but to catch new slaves and generate profits for the system of modern slavery in the United States as outlined in the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution.

The reason for the sudden drop in arrests and tickets is not because NYPD officers suddenly caught a conscious and decided they were not going to go along with the system of the slavery and continue to enforce draconian laws. The reason for the dramatic drop is because the Police Union thugs are continuing to act like spoiled little terrorist brats and telling officers to ignore their slave catching quotas as a way to somehow punish the mayor who has spoken about the need to reform policing and because he drop the city’s opposition to the federal lawsuit that found that the NYPD engaged in widespread racial profiling.

I would never call for the killing of racist and proxy racist slave catchers, that would be against the law in the United States as we have already seen one man arrested for the four word phrase “put wings on pigs”. I have no desire to find myself enslaved on a prison plantation providing cheap slave labor for the state or making profits for private prison companies and their Wall Street investors.

However, I gotta say I am glad to see the results of this lack of activity by NYPD officers having a positive impact in halting enslavement activities if only for a little while. Perhaps people will realize that we do not need millions of cops roaming our streets drawing a paycheck making a living off the enslavement of others. If this was standard operating procedure of the NYPD, not only would they instantly improve their relationship with the non-white communities but perhaps Ramarley Graham, Eric Garner and a whole host of their victims would still be alive. Perhaps the city could save millions upon millions in taxpayers monies and lay off some of these over paid government employees as well as see a reduction in the settlements the city pays out every year for the wrongful death (murder) of citizens.

Let us hope that this leads to a transformation away from slave catching and profit generating so-called policing into peacekeeping.

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