Cuban bloggers believe the grass is greener in the USA

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The New York Times has published a video expose’ about Cuban bloggers in Havana who seem to think that the United States is a beacon of freedom and liberty. Some of the complainants seem to blame Cuba for having limited Internet access as if the United State’s fifty year economic blockade doesn’t have something to do with that. One of the bloggers described as a “dissident” who started a blog critical of the Cuban government doesn’t seem to be all that worried about showing her face as she is being critical of Cuba which begs the question if she is really in Cuba or not if freedom of speech isn’t allowed and she is afraid to speak her mind.

The American narrator for the piece proclaims Cuba to be “an authoritarian police state” as if Americans do not live in a police state where over 1,000 Americans are killed by police every year leading to the current massive protests, has the world’s largest prison population with most prisoners being guilty of nothing more than non-violent so-called drug crimes and not to mention the massive spying the US government has been doing on its own citizens along with police departments using social media to spy local citizens.

One blogger wrote about alleged “widespread cheating at universities” in Cuba? Wow, what a big scandal and those cheating would fit in well in America where a large percentage of high school and university students admit to cheating.

I guess the saying that the grass always looks greener on the other side can apply to those living in Cuba who mistakenly think that America is a beacon of freedom and liberty.

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