Are some Cubans more equal than others? Afro Cubans speak out

Eradicating racism was one of the main driving forces during the Cuba Revolution – particularly racism against Afro-Cubans. With most of the racist Euro-Cubans fleeing the island in the wake of the revolution, Afro-Cubans have made some progress but say they still need to address issues of inequality in Cuban society. Euro-Cubans have been able to have a better quality of life in Cuba in part because their relatives that fled to America after the brutal criminal regime of Fulgencio Batista was defeated, send money to those unable to leave.

The 50 year American embargo on Cuba has also contributed to the quality of life issues for all Cubans. With that said, there is no one starving or homeless in Cuba and all have access to some of the best healthcare in the world. Cuba also does not have any where near the amount of people in prison as the United States. Cuba has also granted political asylum to many Blacks fleeing racist terrorism in the United States like Robert F. Williams who use to broadcast a radio program from Cuba called Radio Free Dixie and is currently shielding police terrorism victim Assata Shakur, a world renowned activist. Whatever issues Cuba is dealing with in regards to racism is minuscule compared to the institutional racism found in the United States which has been experiencing renewed protest against police terrorism and the disproportionate amount of Black police terrorism victims.

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