Why You Mad Son Radio – Lost Ones: Feminazi Theory vs. Logic

1-6-2015 1-54-29 PM

 Time: 10:00PM EDT


the revolution of the mind continues….

Since when has it been against the rights of women to have self respect?

We published a post this week entitled “Letter to Big Booty Sisters” and it went viral causing a firestorm of debate on what should be logic and common sense.

Common sense dictates that you don’t come out the house with your ass hanging in the street, but yet a contingent of feminazis (white and Black) have taken this as their clarion cry to convince Black woman that anyone holding them accountable for their actions is wrong and against their rights.

Their is a difference between rights and stupidity. The Black feminist mafia is alive and well and working directly against the Black women having accountability for her actions. Saying everything is a man’s fault without taking your own actions into account is why we can’t get anywhere as a people.

A large section of our women have been bamboozled, their minds are lost. Reason and logic are left to the wind and only an attitude of “I am Not responsible for what I do because I am a woman and I can do what men can do. I also can take anything you say and twist it to my own agenda especially when it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic being discussed and everything is rape because I said so even though no one is talking about that”. *blank stare* ‪#‎FOH‬

See how that makes NO SENSE? If not, we will show you.

The woman is the foundation. What knowledge she acquires and what beliefs she internalizes educates the nation.

We take a trip down memory lane, the suffrage movement, the real reason Black women were invited to the liberation movement, civil rights and women’s rights, the rise of the “independent” woman, the REAL theory behind feminism , womanism and lastly how to spot a feminazi and help her take back her righteous mind.

Tuesday @10pm. www.whyyoumadson.com

Won’t be home? No problem. Text “WYMS” to 67000 and get the listen in number 5 minutes to showtime.

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